I attended (and organized) a workshop on social media marketing for women entrepreneurs. It was conducted by Ami Savla (Socialize Store) and Dr Yash Hemani. It was a much needed session for me as well as for many others. I think I am fairly decent with the nitty gritty of social media marketing. I had attended a session like this 2 years back too, but that was everything that I already knew back then! For me, the biggest challenge was always to do creatives & images. I would have to outsource that to somebody. Infact, I did talk to somebody earlier to teach us (my friends & me) these, but she didn’t! People are hesitant to teach because of their own insecurities.

Anyway, coming to this session, it was extremely relevant. It was all that I wanted. We learnt about various websites/apps/tools that we could use to create such images so that we don’t have to rely on others to do it for us. They taught us how to use various other platforms to promote our work. They also talked about using google drive effectively. It was not a session where we were only listening and taking notes. We were actually doing what was taught on our own laptops. It was a total hands on experience. What I liked the best was that they were sharing whatever knowledge she had with us. We even went past the time to cover extra topics. They didn’t hide anything from us like how others would normally do. The agenda was to help us reach our goals in the least cost possible.

So, it was an extremely informative session and absolute value for money!


If you attended this too, please leave your feedback here. 🙂



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